From our Administrative Agency in Albox we help you in all your efforts with D.G.T.



  • Vehicle transfers
  • Vehicle registration and re-registration
  • De-registration and transport cards
  • Transport card renewal
  • Applications for transportation card
  • Registration and cancellation of Domain Reservation.
  • Vehicle circulation tax.
  • Address change.
  • Duplicates of driving license.
  • Certifications of vehicle data.
  • Renewal of driving license.
  • Authorizations for Special Transportation.
  • Duplicates of driving license.

Transit Procedures

  • Transport Card replacements
  • Assignment / Change of ownership.
  • Constitution of Transport Societies.
  • Obtaining Digital Tachograph Cards.
  • Professional training.
  • Community Licenses.
  • Cataloging of Historical Vehicles.

Other services

  • Immigration matters
  • Inheritance
  • Registration and notarizacion

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